Talent Bank: Shared Resource Solution

The smarter way to reduce costs and increase flexibility

  • With DirectTemping you can easily build talent pools of skilled temporary workers and share them with colleagues, both inside and outside your organisation.

  • Using this shared Talent Bank retains specialist skills, knowledge and experience - without the fixed cost . You only pay for the hours your need, when you need them - perhaps only 2 or 3 hours at a time.

  • As well as delivering low cost, flexible working for your organisation it also provides flexibility and variety for people in the Talent Bank fostering long-term loyalty - a win-win for everyone.


How does it work?

  • We create a Talent Bank for your organisation where your workers register their details and search for available jobs you and your colleagues have posted. Managers authorised to access the Talent Bank can search for workers with specific skills and can contact them to discuss the job requirements and agree the pay rate - directly.

  • Assignments are offered and accepted on-line, and we do the necessary identity and eligibility compliance checks. Worker submit timesheets on-line for your approval, and once a week we pay the worker and invoice your organisation for the hours used from the talent pool.

Tangible cost savings?

  • To reduce the costs associated with temporary and permanent recruitment we offer a transparent pricing and reporting service across the organisation, with the option to charge departments and managers directly.

  • If your institution can't reclaim VAT on recruitment expenditure, we can show you working examples where organisations are saving 30% per year on their recruitment costs.