Why take the risk?

Finance people don't like risk - we understand that. So we think you'll like the DirectTemping approach where you can have: full transparent pricing, budgetary controls and reports on spend and usage by division, department, manager and location.

Reducing Recruitment Agency Costs

Imagine having one place where all your organisation's casual, temporary, contract and student workers can be managed and paid - with no fixed costs and where the full cost of using temporary staff can be charged to a manager or department?

What if you could not only halve your external agency fees, but also save NI threshold allowances and the 20% VAT on agency spend?

To reduce the costs associated with temporary and permanent recruitment we can offer Finance Directors a transparent pricing and reporting service across the organisation, with the option to charge departments and managers directly.

If your institution can't reclaim VAT on recruitment expenditure, we can show you working examples where organisations are saving a total of 30% per year.