Student Employment Services

To help Student Employment Services promote student working internally and externally we can provide a free web service to create pools of student workers and advertise jobs internally and externally. Managers in different departments can search and book students on-line, and we take care of the compliance checks and running of the payroll.

The growing trend is to find suitable work for students within the organisation, promoting the wider benefits of student working over the use of external resources. This works extremely well for roles such as: Admin Support, Reception, Enrolments, Data Entry, Library Shelvers, Exhibition Assistants, IT Support and, of course, Student Ambassadors. Most of the American Universities and Colleges have successfully used this model of student employment for many years.X

The recent NASES/NUS report: Students working while studying (November 2012) provides important insights into the challenges facing today's students in finding paid work while studying. Perhaps the startling piece of data from the report (Figure 4) is how few paid work opportunities are available within the students own institution.

Our approach is to support SES and HR by working across the organisation to promote your program internally as well as finding external opportunities with local organisations. We take care of systems training and support, eligibility to work and compliance checks, payroll and usage reporting.

Providing leading edge systems to facilitate this kind of working can be expensive - but not with There are no up-front costs, licence fees or support contracts. If you'd like to learn from our experiences in creating a win-win-win for students, student services and the wider organisation please feel free to get in touch.